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The French aircraft producer Dassault Aviation was making a name for himself after WWII, especially with the production of military planes like the Mystère, the Mirage or the Alpha Jet. In the 1960s, Dassault Aviation started the production of business planes. The first model of this type was the Falcon 20.

It is a twin-jet low-wing plane offering space for up to 14 passengers and was built in constantly altered and modernized variants until the 1980ies. Most of the planes were sold to civilian users. In nearly thirty countries, however, the Falcon 20 was and still is in service with both military and governmental operators.

At AIRPOWER16 the Royal Norwegian Air Force will display a DA-20 ECM, a variant converted as an electronic countermeasures platform. As such it is used for training in electronic warfare and calibration of navigation and radar systems.

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  • © Norwegian Air Force

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Dassault
Produced 1965–1988
Variant DA-20 ECM
Length 17.2 m
Height 5.3 m
Wingspan 16.3 m
Max. take-off weight approx. 14 t
Max. speed Mach 0.82 / 350 KTAS (approx. 650 km/h)
Service ceiling 12,700 m
Power plant 2 x Garret TFE731
Power 2x 4,750 lbf (ca. 21.1 kN) thrust
Crew (DA-20 ECM) max. 6
Display Static