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The Corvus CA-41 Racer aka Corvus Racer 540 is a single-seat unlimited aerobatic aircraft and air race plane. It was designed by Corvus Aircraft Hungary in two years development time for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship and took off for the first time in February 2010. Its construction allows it to manage load factors from +12 g to -12 g.

At AIRPOWER16, two-time Aerobatics World Champion and European Champion Peter Besenyei will showcase the capabilites of his Corvus Racer in a stunning display.  

  • © Daniel Čižinský

  • © Bundesheer / Andreas Macher

  • © Bundesheer / Andreas Macher

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Corvus Aircraft
Registration nr. N806CR
Year of construction 2010
Length 6.57 m
Height 2.5 m
Wingspan 7.4 m
Empty weight 545 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 685 kg
Never exeed speed 450 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 3050 m
Powerplant Lycoming IO-540 Performance
Power 345 hp
Load factor limits +12g / -12g
Seats 1
Display Flying