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The two-seater Yak-11 was developed from 1944 by Soviet designer Alexander Yakovlev as a trainer aircraft for the advanced training of fighter pilots. It made its maiden flight in November 1945. Over 4,500 were produced up until 1956, of which around 700 were license-built.

The low-wing aircraft served in all of the Warsaw Pact countries, and also in Egypt, Yemen, China and Austria. The Armed Forces operated four Yak-11 aircraft between 1956 and 1965, which Austria had been given by the former Russian occupying forces.

AIRPOWER16 will feature a Yak-11 as part of the Static Display, and one is on display at the Militärluftfahrtmuseum (Aircraftmuseum).

  • HAG Italy

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer OKB Yakovlev
Length 8.5 m
Height 3.3 m
Wingspan 9.4 m
Max. takeoff weight 2,500 kg
Maximum speed 630 km/h / 340 KIAS
Service ceiling 7,925 m / 26,000 ft
Powerplant ASH-21
Power 700 hp
Crew 1 + 1
Display Static