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The Stinson Reliant is a light, single engine, high-wing monoplane dating back to the Second World War era. The British Royal Air Force operated it as a transport and liaison aircraft, while the U.S. Army also used it as a trainer. Between 1933 and 1941 some 1,327 Reliants were built in various configurations. The models SR-1 through to SR-6 were all straight-wing Reliants, while all models from SR-7 to SR-10 were gull-wing Reliants, which had greater lateral stability in particular while banking.


The UC-81 and AT-19 Reliants were sold as civilian variants under the designation "Vultee V-77" after the end of the war. AIRPOWER16 will feature a V-77 as part of the Static Display.

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Stinson Aircraft Company
Registration number N817FK
Length 8.5 m
Wingspan 12.7 m
Height 2.6 m
Max. takeoff weight 2,100 kg
Empty weight 1,400 kg
Max. payload 700 kg
Service ceiling 6,400 m / 21,000 ft
Range 704 km / 380 nmi
Max. speed 296 km/h / 160 kn
Powerplant 1 × Lycoming R680
Power 300 hp
Crew 4–5
Display Static