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The single-engine G-2 Galeb (en.: gull) was the first Yugoslavian jet to be mass produced. Production of this training, reconnaissance and ground-attack jet began in 1965 and the aircraft was initially built for the Yugoslav Air Force only. However, models were later exported to Libya and Zambia. A total of 248 aircraft of the two-seater Galeb were built by manufacturer Soko in what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Galeb features a straight wing and the wheels retract into the wings rather than the fuselage, allowing for a controlled landing even on rough runways. The G-2 is generally very forgiving and easy to maintain.

Making an appearance in AIRPOWER16’s Static Display is the Galeb G-2 with the registration YU-YAH.

  • © Jelisić Dalibor

  • © Jelisić Dalibor

© Jelisić Dalibor

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Soko, Mostar
Length 10.35 m
Height 3.3 m
Wingspan 11.62 m
Empty weight 2,620 kg
Max. take-off weight 3,884 kg
Max. speed 840 km/h / 454 KIAS
Service ceiling 10,970 m / 36,000 ft
Dienstgipfelhöhe 1× Viper 22-6
Thrust 11,13 kN
Crew 2
Display Static