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The design of the German Fokker D.VII made this one of the most efficient fighter aircraft to fly in World War I. It was incredibly agile, easy to fly and lost none of its performance even at high altitudes. Such was its formidable superiority that after the war the Allied powers (USA, France, Great Britain, Italy) demanded that all aircraft of this type be confiscated or destroyed under the Armistice.

Many were scrapped, but during the inter-war period new models were built in The Netherlands and operated in several European countries and the USA until 1931.


Swedish aviation enthusiast and pilot Mikael Carlson will be appearing at AIRPOWER16 with a replica he built himself.

  • © Mikael Carlson

  • © Mikael Carlson

© Julian Herzog

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Fokker-Flugzeugwerke
Registration number SE-XVO
Owner & builder Mikael Carlson
Length 6.95 m
Wingspan 8.93 m
Height 2.8 m
Max. takeoff weight 959 kg
Empty weight 747 kg
Max. payload 212 kg
Service ceiling 4,572 m / 15,000 ft
Max. speed 240 km/h / 130 kn
Powerplant Daimler D.IIIaü
Power 200 hp
Crew 1
Display Flying