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The DC-6 is a four engine passenger plane produced between 1946 and 1958 in Long Beach by the Douglas Aircraft Company. At the beginning it was designed as a military cargo plane. With the end of WW II, however, this type of plane was not requested that much anymore, but a civilian version designed for the transport of passengers became very popular instead and was produced more than 700 times.

The DC-6B presented at AIRPOWER16 is the crown jewel among the Flying Bulls’ aircraft collection. It was the official service plane of the Yugoslav president Tito since 1961, then belonged to the Air Force of Zambia from 1975 on. Later it nearly rotted somewhere in Africa before getting reactivated for tourist flights. Afterwards it was again starting to fall apart but then finally got saved by the Flying Bulls. In 2000, the plane landed in Austria and thorough renovation made it better – and more luxurious – than it was ever before.

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company
Height 8.9 m
Length 32.2 m
Wingspan 35.8 m
Max. weight 47,000 kg
Max. speed 550 km/h
Cruising speed 460 km/h
Service ceiling 7,620 m
Power plant 4 Pratt & Whitney R 2800 CB-3
Power 4 x 2,400 hp
Crew/passengers 3+35 passengers
Display Flying