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The Boeing CH-47 Chinook is a twin-engine transport helicopter which has been continually improved and developed since its maiden flight in 1961. Its tandem counter-rotating rotor configuration eliminates the need for a vertical rotor, so all power can be used for lift and thrust.

As the US Army's most important transport helicopter, the Chinook has served in every military conflict in which the US has been involved since 1966. During the Vietnam War it was used by the US Army to recover downed aircraft and to evacuate refugees.

The success of the CH-47 made it such a popular export that today it is in service in over two dozen countries. The Royal Netherlands Air Force will be showcasing a Boeing CH-47 Chinook as part of the Static Display at AIRPOWER16.

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© Oliver Jonischkeit/
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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer The Boeing Company
Length 30.2 m
Rotor diameter 15.8 m
Height 5.78 m
Max. takeoff weight 24,494 kg
Empty weight 12,000 kg
Max. payload 12,494 kg
Service ceiling 4,572 m / 15,000 ft
Max. speed 315 km/h / 170 kn
Powerplant 2 × Honeywell 55-L-714A
Power 2 x 5,000 hp
Crew 48
Display Static