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The Bell UH-1 Iroquois aka „Huey“ is one of the world's best known helicopters. It was developed for the US Army where it was introduced in 1959. Especially during the Vietnam War it was used for virtually every task in addition to its originally intended role as a medical evacuation helicopter.

At AIRPOWER16 a Bell UH-1D of the German Army will be on display. The German version is not entirely identical with the American UH-1D: it was built under licence by German aircraft manufacturer Dornier from 1967 and was based on the UH-1H with its 1,400 hp engine. Dornier built a total of 358 units for the German Armed Forces and the Federal Border Force. In the German Army, the UH-1D is still used today for transport as well as search and rescue purposes. The distinctive sound of its rotor blades earned the Huey a special nickname in Germany: the "carpet beater".

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Bell Helicopters / Dornier (under licence)
Version UH-1H/UH-1D
Total length 17.42 m
Length of fuselage 12.77 m
Height 3.95 m
Main rotor diameter 14.66 m
Empty weight 2,700 kg
Max. takeoff weight 4,310 kg
Max. speed 220 km/h
Engine Lycoming T53-L-13B
Power 1,400 hp
Crew 3
Display Static