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The OH-58B "Kiowa" is an armed, light liaison helicopter. It has a two-blade main and tail rotor with an open tail-rotor drive shaft, landing skids and a turbine engine. 

The Austrian Armed Forces use the "Kiowa" as a scout helicopter during airborne landings and also as a liaison, observation and aerial photography helicopter and for border patrol duties.

  • © Bundesheer / Horst Gorup

  • © Bundesheer / Andreas Macher

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Bell
In use in the AAF since 1976
Rotor diameter 10.77 m
Length 9.80 m
Height 2.92 m
Max. weight 1,450 kg
Max. speed 220 km/h
Cruising speed 160 km/h
Power plant Allison 250 C-20
Power 400 HP
Crew/passengers 1+4
Display Flying + Static