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The light helicopter Alouette II was developed by Sud-Aviation and was the first turbine-powered helicopter for civil and military users to be produced in series. Production started in the 1950s. Thans to its Turbomeca turbine Artouste II it considerably outperformed earlier helicopters with conventional piston engines. The Alouette II was a huge success, got built in large numbers and later on led to the development of the Lama, the Alouette III and the Gazelle.

The Alouette II on display at AIRPOWER16 is an SE 313B version built in 1960. Until 1999 it was in civil use in France; then, in 2000, it was purchased by Austrian company Jakadofsky GmbH. The helicopter with registration number F-GLPV features numerous optional equipment like hydraulic steering, defroster and rain gutters. In 2010 a major overhaul was carried out and the helicopter was brought to brand-new condition in both mechanical and optical terms. At AIRPOWER16 the Jakadofsky GmbH will present its Alouette II in the static display.

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Sud-Aviation
Version SE 313B
Year of construction 1960
Rotor diameter 10.30 m
Overall length 12 m
Height 2.70 m
Maximum takeoff weight 1,600 kg
Maximum speed 195 km/h
Cruising speed 165 km/h
Crew/passengers 1 + 4
Powerplant Turbomeca Artouste II C6
Power 400/520 hp
Display Static