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The Tornado is an all-weather multirole fighter jet with a variable-sweep wing. The twin-engine jet was jointly developed and manufactured by Germany, Great Britain and Italy and took off for its first flight in 1974. Until 1999 the Panavia Consortium produced 977 Tornados which were put into service by the three nations who had developed this jet as well as Saudi-Arabia. Thanks to its terrain-following radar, the PA-200 is capable of low-level flight operations: in nearly any weather condition autopilot flights adapted to the profile of the terrain are possible in heights of only 60 metres. In visual flight and with manual steering by the pilot, the height can even be reduced to 30 metres.

The German Air Force received 357 Tornados, 85 of which are still operated by operational and training units. At AIRPOWER16, three of them can be viewed up close and personal in the static display: one of the Tactical Air Force Wing 51 „Immelmann“ in Jagel and two of the Tactical Air Force Wing 33 in Büchel.

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Panavia Aircraft GmbH
Length 17.23 m
Height 5.95 m
Wingspan 13.91 m (at 25 degrees wing sweep)
Maximum takeoff weight 28,500 kg
Maximum speed 2.337 km/h / Mach 2,2 above 10,975 m
Service ceiling 15,240 m / 50,000 ft
Powerplant 2 x Turbo-Union RB199
Thrust 2 x 71,3 kN with afterburner
Crew 2
Display Static