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This plane was designed in the 1970ies when the Soviet Forces were in need of a light front fighter plane able to take on new American jets like the F-15 Eagle. The model submitted by the Mikoyan-Gurewitsch construction office was convincing: due to its manoeuvrability, the MiG-29 is a dangerous enemy in an air combat, able to fly the “cobra”, a manoeuvre by which the plane is able to surprisingly assume a vertical position, forcing the enemy plane to pass it.

The jet is fitted with a double target acquisition system, i.e. in addition to the pulse Doppler radar it also has an infrared searcher with laser range finder used for enemies in sight. During this time, the radar is inactive and therefore the MiG cannot be detected by the radar enemy warner. Only when the target is out of sight, the radar is applied.

At AIRPOWER16 a MiG-29 of the Polish Air Force will showcase its manoeuvrability in the skies above Hinterstoisser Air Base.

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Mikoyan-Gurewitsch
Variant MiG-29 Flucrum-A
Length 17.32 m
Height 4.73 m
Wingspan 11.36 m
Max. weight 20,500 kg
Max. speed Mach 2.25 / 2,390 km/h
Service ceiling 18,013 m
Power plant 2 x Klimov RD-33 turbofans
Power 2 x 81 kN thrust (with afterburner)
Crew 1
Display Flying